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How to find out the best foreign hosting company in terms of strength and performance

The best foreign hosting company in terms of strength and performance?

The success of your site depends largely on the performance and strength of the hosting, and the question that arises is what is the best foreign "hosting" company? And how do I choose the best foreign hosting company that suits your site, and after not a small percentage of articles and posts depend on showing certain hosting companies because they acquire from affiliates, without taking into account hosting performance, in this article we show you some guidelines that help you choose the best foreign hosting company.


How to find out the best foreign hosting company in terms of strength and performance

Top 10 Foreign Web Hosting Companies Ranking (October 2023)

  • Bluehost (www.bluehost.com)
  • Hostgator (www.hostgator.com)
  • Hosting ER (www.hostinger.com)
  • A2hosting (www.a2hosting.com)
  • IP age (www.ipage.com)
  • Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com)
  • Inmotion Hosting (www.inmotionhosting.com)
  • Green Geeks (www.greengeeks.com)

Why is there a huge difference in hosting prices?

Technical support: The most important thing is that there may be a problem. The site has companies that provide technical support and companies that do not, and there are technical support companies chat and email companies, and there are technical support companies 24 hours a day and there is a certain times of the day and holidays that do not respond.

  1. The control panel that you offer, for example, some companies offer VPS + licenses for the Cpanel control panel, and some do not offer it
  2. The type of server itself, you can find, for example, VPS 2, whose performance is worse than 1 core
  3. The internet speed is the same as the website
  4. The bandwidth has companies, for example, that offer unlimited, but specify a certain speed for it
  5. Are the capabilities written for you alone or for participation? You will find VPS 10 cores for 10 dollars, for example, and the same company has 5 cores for 20 dollars, ok, how is the first participation, but the second is for you
  6. Hidden costs Sometimes the written price is $ 10, but at the time of purchase you find it increased a little on the pretext of a tax that reaches 20% sometimes
  7. How many accounts are on the same server?
  8. The stability of the company and does the server stop a lot of times or not.
  9. The server itself is running and there is no invitation
  10. Other services are built in, for example, a backup, which is all I do

What is the best for me? The best is that you decide according to your experience and time. For example, I can spend 10 dollars more in exchange for a higher speed or higher endurance for visitors, and I can save it because I do not want a Spaniel and I will do anything else, and so on

 How do you find the best hosting company for your website?

There are several factors that we will rely on in finding the best suitable hosting company for our site, and these factors are:

  1. Check sites on the same hosting and the same plan to be booked
  2. Review customer reviews for hosting
  3. Hosting near the target geographic area
  4. Review reviews for hosting sites

Check sites on the same hosting and the same plan to be booked

And to know the sites that are on the same hosting company, we go to https://hostadvice.com and from the search box we put the name of the company we want to book hosting from, let it be “Bluehost” and then click on more results.

It will show us the companies with the name we typed, which is “Bluehost”, we click on the name of the company how many in the following image

We go to the member rating area, we will find some reviews in the following form, in which there is the following

  • Service used: Shared - Choice Plus, which is the name of the plan on the "Bluehost website"
  • Moved from GoDaddy, the company that moved from it to Bluehost
  • Under the name of the user his site

We must make sure that the site is on the same company server as the member's site https://doghousetimes.com. To find out the DNS of the site, we go to the following site https://www.whatsmydns.net.

And as shown in the previous picture, we put the name of the site without any additions, website.com, we choose NS, then we click on search, the NS of the site will appear, and here it is for Bluehost.

Currently, we know a site on the plan to be booked on Bluehost, currently, we can know the number of sites on the same server to assess the extent of pressure on the server and we can evaluate the site’s speed and performance, but we must pay attention to the size of the site, file compression and the number of HTTP requests.

To find out the number of sites on the same server, we go to the following site https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server/ and through the site, we can know the sites that use the same IP and often are the sites on the same The server if it is shared hosting because most of the shared hosts do not offer the Dedicated IP Address feature. After entering the site, we put the name of the site check. The sites that use the same IP will appear to us as in the following picture that shows only two sites, which is very few.

To assess the speed and performance of the site and the server, the site will be checked using the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool, and the tool’s link is https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights. PERFORMANCE Then we press ANALYZE.

Many site analysis will show us, but what concerns us is TTFB analysis, which is an abbreviation for Time To First Byte, which means the time it takes the browser to receive the first byte from your server, and it expresses in some way the strength and speed of the server. Google prefers that "TTFB" be approximately 200 milliseconds (second = 1000 milliseconds)

The server response appears in the following image at 0.22 of a second, which is equivalent to 220 milliseconds, which is an ideal ratio.

As for the recognized ideal ratio for TTFB, it is as follows

100 milliseconds for static or static sites that do not depend on databases and programming languages ​​such as PHP

200: 500 milliseconds for dynamic sites, which are sites where databases and programming languages ​​such as WordPress exist.

Review customer reviews for hosting

This requires reviewing more than one comment and more than one of the hosting evaluation sites such as https://hostadvice.com/ and https://www.whtop.com/ there are many other sites, but I use these two sites to know the opinions of the company’s current customers After entering the hostadvice.com website and choosing the target company, we click on the word ANY to show the comments on the plan to be booked and press the + icon to show the languages ​​of the visitors and you will find comments in the language English and make sure that the Comment Sort option is Newest, which shows the most recent comments.

Hosting near the target geographic area

We always go to American companies that have a data centre or server located in the United States of America because of their cheaper prices compared to other companies, as well as their fame and high ratings in most hosting sites, but some companies have servers in other countries closer to us, specifically in Europe and countries such as Germany The Netherlands, France and you will feel more quickly in the site

To know the nearest hosts offered by servers near the target geographic area, enter the website https://hostadvice.com, then choose REVIEWS, then BY SERVER LOCATION, then choose the geographical area

Review reviews for hosting sites

Some foreign and Arab sites evaluate the hosting and provide advice to you through the site such as comments or their pages on social networking sites, and we will show some of these Arab and foreign sites

  • https://hostadvice.com/
  • https://www.whtop.com
  • https://adviserhost.com/
  • https://hostingdean.com/
  • https://hostingwdomain.com/
  • https://www.best5host.com/
  • https://hostingtops.net/

Is VPS managed or unmanaged better?

It relative depends on several things, namely:

  1. Your ability and love to learn to deal with VPS
  2. material cost
  3. You want to focus on the site only and do not want to occupy yourself with anything else

Your answer to these questions is what determines

Book from a foreign or Arab company?

If the VPS is without management, it remains a foreign company because the prices are often lower, or a freelance person is booked from a foreigner and he is the one who manages

If the company is the one who roared the VPS or the server, it would remain an Arab company because the cost of management for Arab companies is lower

Our nominations for the best hosting companies

After trying many hosting, whether private or shared servers, we recommend these hosting

  1. Hosting NameCheap for those with little experience and low-visit sites because the most important feature is fast and responsive technical support. We recommend Stellar Business plan and fast comet hosting, but if the site files are many or there is a large and frequent resource consumption on the site, the hosting will be suspended until the end of the month
  2. VPS hosting We recommends contacting as a first choice for the following reasons, Premium prices and quality The company's servers are located in Germany, America, and Singapore The ethernet servers company is a good tool and has reasonable prices and the company's servers are located in the United States of America
  3. Private servers We recommend Hetzner. The prices of the servers are very special and have great strength and quality. By registering through our link, you will get 20€ to use on the company.

Companies advise not to deal with them?

There are several companies that we do not recommend dealing with at all

king-servers.com, a Russian company that owns servers in Russia, America, and the Netherlands

At the end of our article, we hope that we have provided you with interest.

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