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How do you benefit from voice search in search engine optimization and increase your sales?

What is voice search and how do you use it to boost your business and increase your sales?

2 out of every 10 Internet searches that users make on their phones are done via voice, i.e. using Voice Search, according to Google reports, which also confirmed that this number will continue to grow over the coming years.

According to a report issued by the international company Deloitte, 11% of mobile phone users around the world rely on the voice searcher on a regular basis.

How do you benefit from voice search in search engine optimization and increase your sales?

With the increasing proportions of using spoken language in giving orders to perform tasks or accessing needs and searching for products and services on the Internet using search engines, attention has begun to turn to the importance of activating voice search in electronic commerce and looking at it as one of the most important trends that will shape the future of this industry around the scientist.

And if you are interested to know more and in detail what is Voice Search? And the most important user trends around the world, and how to benefit from the increasing use of voice search to enhance your business and increase your sales, so here is this article.

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What is Voice Search?

Voice search  is one of the modern technological techniques through which commands can be given to carry out certain tasks or quick access to content for mobile devices, their applications, and other devices that are equipped with voice search technology, for example cars.

Voice search is used  more widely on various search engines, to access any of the information or data available on the web instead of writing.

For example, the famous Google Voice search that we all use, as it is done in an open field keyword query about any information on the Internet.

As for the language used to search the Internet using voice, the language, including dialects and accents, is the most important and pivotal factor in the nature of the work of this technology.

The language spoken by users plays an important role in understanding the system and providing more accurate results for what they are looking for, whether on the Internet or in the contents of devices and applications.

For example, but not limited to, we find that the  Google Cloud STT API  can recognize and detect the nature of speech spoken by the user in more than 125 different languages.

How does voice search technology work? 

In order to understand more about what voice search is, you must first know the mechanism by which it works. The following are the stages and mechanism of voice search, Google or other systems, step by step: 

First of all, we have to stress that the way it works is the same as doing a normal search using the search engines on the website, the difference is that the search is done using speech instead of text. This is done in this way:

  • The mechanism includes Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for input. 
  • It can also include text-to-speech (TTS) for output. 
  • Users may sometimes be asked to activate the virtual assistant before performing a search. 
  • Next, the search system will detect the language spoken by the user, and then find out the keywords and context of the sentence. 
  • After that, the device will return the required results according to its output. 
  • A device with a screen may display the results, while a device without a screen will return them to the finder.

This is about the working mechanism, what about the most popular devices and programs that support the technology? Here are the most important ones…

What are the most popular voice search devices and software?

There are many devices and programs that operate with voice search technology around the world, through which all users can access the search results they want through voice commands for search engines, devices, and applications.

At the forefront of these devices and programs are seven of the most important devices and programs around the world, as follows:

  1. Google Home
  2. Amazon Echo/Alexa
  3. Google Assistant
  4. Siri/iPhone
  5. Android Phones And Devices
  6. Microsoft Cortana
  7. Samsung Bixby

What are the ways to benefit from voice search in e-commerce? 

There are several methods and measures that help you make the most of the voice search technology in increasing the sales of your store, the most important of which are the following:

  1. Write a professional and accurate product description
  2. Long term keyword targeting
  3. Presenting the content of the store in the form of questions and answers
  4. Improved FAQ page
  5. Use of structural data
  6. Improved store loading speed

With the increasing innovative solutions offered by voice search technology in performing tasks and reaching the required research results as well as obtaining what the user needs in terms of goods, products and services, many retailers and owners of electronic stores have begun to implement this technology in their stores.

It is a practice that improves shoppers' experience, ease and speed of access to the products, goods or services they need, and thus increase sales volume.

The following is a detailed explanation of the best ways to take advantage of technology to improve your e-commerce and achieve a significant increase in the sales volume of your store :

1. Writing a professional and accurate product description

One of the most important ways to effectively help you to make the most of applying voice search technology in e-commerce is to pay attention to writing product descriptions.

The more comprehensive and accurate the description, the more search engine spiders will be able to reach you easily and deliver users to your online store.

According to this strategy, be sure to include all the search and keywords that the shopper can use to search for products using voice, and use them professionally in writing product descriptions on their respective pages on your online store.

With this procedure, you ensure that your store's products will appear in the first search results on the various search engines, at high rates.

2. Long term keyword targeting

Another measure that has proven to be very effective in driving your store's conversion rate from search engines when searched by voice is to focus on long-form keywords.

According to the nature of the voice search technology and what it does, which depends on conversation and asking questions, the use of search words or long keywords is more important and effective than the use of short and standard words.

Long keywords are more specific than short keywords which means they usually have less traffic, but also less competition.

important nomination 

You can easily find and determine which long-form keywords you can rely on in order to increase traffic on your online store using some specialized tools, including  the toolbandl .

You can also completely rely on yourself in this task by logically thinking about the questions someone might ask when using voice search.

3. Present your store content in the form of questions and answers

It is well known that the voice search technology on the website is mostly done in the form of a question and answer, that is, the user asks a question to the search engine to show him the results in the form of answers to his question.

So it is very important to make the most of this technology to create attractive ways to display content on your online store in the form of questions and answers.

Thus, to a large extent, it ensures that it appears appropriately in the various search results arising from the search by voice.

4. Improved FAQ Page

Attention to the “FAQ page” comes at the forefront of the measures and ways in which you can benefit from voice search in e-commerce; Because the content presented on this page is in line with the nature of voice command search technology.

A strong FAQ page is important and can also be a good source of ideas for targeting keywords and long keywords.

5. Benefit from using structural data

Apart from content, search engines look for a host of other factors that must be present in the content provided on your store or site including structured data. 

So, you should ideally use chart tags to provide product name, price, band, stock availability, and size.

It doesn't affect your rankings and your visitors won't see it, but it does give you an edge over your competitors.

6. Improving the loading speed of the website or store

When it comes to how to take advantage of voice search technology to improve your online store and your business in general, and make the store fully prepared to apply this technology; The loading speed of the store is a decisive factor and a double-edged sword.

As a few extra seconds can affect the purchasing decision of your customers, thus missing the opportunity for you to achieve greater sales.

 An important statistic

Based on 2018 Google research, 53% of mobile users leave a site that takes more than three seconds to load, with 47% of consumers saying they expect a website to load in two seconds.

So you had to take care of the time it takes for your online store to respond to being clicked by users and shoppers.

As well as paying attention and working to speed up the time it takes for product pages displayed on your store; In order to ensure sales and improve the shopper experience.

 A useful proposal for your business

The website address of your online store is also something you should take care of in improving the visibility of your website, and helping shoppers remember it and access it easily.

So you need to look for an attractive domain name for your e-commerce site, which is what  the free domain name generator tool  from ExpandCart helps you with.

Premium free tools

 These were the most important measures and factors that you need to pay attention to in your store to make the most of the voice prompt technology in increasing your sales and high conversion rate from search engines.

Now, we conclude with an important group of the most prominent figures and statistics on the use of this technology in e-commerce…

The most prominent figures and statistics for the use of voice search in e-commerce

There are amazing statistics and numbers about the use of voice search technology by different consumer groups in order to reach and get what they need in terms of different products and commodities.

The following is a set of the most prominent figures about relying on voice search in e-commerce and obtaining products electronically: 

  1. 71% of consumers prefer to make inquiries by voice rather than writing. (PWC)
  2. More than half of owners of  smart voice search devices use their device every day. (NPR)
  3. 30% of web browsing in 2021 will be done by voice only. (Gartner)
  4. 48% of consumers  use voice technology for general search queries. (Search Engine Land)
  5. Google speech recognition now supports  more than 100 languages . (Google)
  6. It takes 4.6 seconds to load the voice search results page. (Backlinko)
  7. 35% of users use voice   assistants to check the weather and news on a daily basis. (PWC)
  8. More monthly voice search users are men  than women. (Social Media Today)
  9. 76% of smart speaker owners use local voice search at least once a week. (Bright Local)
  10. Mobile users are 3 times more likely to use voice search. (Review42)
  11. The number of buyers of voice-activated search devices will exceed  25.6 million in 2021 . (Finances Online)
  12. 55% of households  will use smart speakers by 2022. (TechCrunch)
  13. 400 million devices now support Google Assistant. Voicebot
  14. 93% of users report that they are satisfied with their voice assistants. (PwC)
  15. 43% of owners of  voice-enabled devices use their devices to shop online. (Narvar)


Voice search is one of the modern technological techniques that recorded amazing numbers about the tendency of shoppers to rely on it to obtain the goods and products as well as the services they want, instead of searching using typing on different keyboards.

This, in turn, caused a major boom in the field of e-commerce, as well as major changes in the way shoppers search in order to obtain the goods and products they want.

Therefore, it was necessary for the owners of electronic stores to adjust their stores in order to keep pace with the development and shift in the behavior of shoppers, as well as to benefit from this technology in the success of their trade in an effective and tangible manner.

During this article, we explained in detail what voice search technology is, how it works, its most important programs and devices, and ways to benefit from it in promoting sales of electronic stores.

In addition to reviewing a set of statistics and figures on the use of technology in e-commerce and its future.

Share your questions and inquiries with us, and write to us in the comments whether your store has benefited from the voice search application or not? And don't hesitate to ask.

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